Welcome to a great place to start!

Welcome to Bethany! We at Bethany are learning to be purveyors of a gospel of welcome - one that welcomes all without distinction. Bethany's origins started as an outreach to the Japanese community here in Santa Barbara in 1913. A century later, Bethany has experienced a great deal of change as we became multi-cultural and multi-generational for the Kingdom of God. We still love Japan and pray for revival in this country that is less than 1% Christian. Our commitment to Japan is deep within the fabric of our community even though the demagraphics of our church continue to become a melting pot like California. Bethany continues to provide a Japanese speaking Sunday gathering for Nichigo families and international students living in our community.

As the pastor of Bethany, a native California hispanic and a surfer, Bethany is rich in culture, laughter and great food. Homemade Japanese food after our gatherings is our reward.

As Christ has welcomed us, so we welcome others who, like us, are seeking a place to belong - a place where they are accepted, forgiven and loved for who they are, no questions asked. We invite you to come just as you are and relax. If you are new to this church thing, just come and be our guest.   Check out our main multi-cultural gathering or visit our Japanese speaking gathering. Either way I will meet you at the food table afterwards.

Presently in our Sunday conversations, the vision for 2014 is three themes: RENEWAL, IDENTITY AND HOME GROUPS.  Please join us in our Sunday conversations as we pursue God in spiritual community.  

Bethany is here for you seven days at week! Feel free to call us with your questions, prayer requests, or to set up an appointment to meet with a pastor.

Pastor Anthony

Kids Egg Hunt April 19th @ 9:30 am Monte Vista School